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I work entirely on location rather than in a studio, be it inside or outside. This provides many advantages to you the customer; you don’t have the hassle of visiting a strange studio, which can actually be very stressful and a little intimidating, especially where you have young children (and even sometimes for the not so young).

I deliver contemporary style images in a relaxed and fun way either by setting up a studio style environment within your own home or other suitable location (such as a village hall), or through a natural 'lifestyle' approach. Lifestyle photography can be inside or outside; for example, you might prefer a woodland setting, the sea shore, your own garden or even on the golf course. All of the images shown on this web site have been shot in this manner and not in a studio.

As well as standard portraiture I also undertake pet and dance photography.

The shoot normally lasts about two hours (including set up time etc); depending on the type of shots needed and the number of people involved. I will spend the time ensuring that you get the images you want!

I am based in North Lincolnshire, close to the Humber Bridge and service both banks of the Humber and even further afield if required (extra charges apply for distance over 50 miles from the Humber Bridge).

The above slideshow shows only a small selection of images, please look in the portfolio section for more.

How it Works

First, either ring or e-mail me to enquire as to my availability.

‘Studio Style Photography’ is achieved by setting up portable lighting and backgrounds within a suitable room of the chosen venue, which normally takes about 20 minutes to set up and take down. The room could be within your own home, work place or maybe a village hall. The space required will be dependent on the style of photographs required and numbers to be photographed. Simple headshots can be accommodated in any reasonable space, but if full length shots are required an area of about 11 foot x 13 foot, clear of furniture, is preferable; however the more space the better as this provides greater opportunities! Dance Photography will obviously require more space.

If you prefer a ‘lifestyle’ approach, this can be accommodated by taking the photos either in and around the home or other locations such as a wood or park. We would normally meet at the location at the time and date of the shoot and take things from there.

You should consider carefully what you will be wearing for the photo shoot. Avoid fussy patterns if possible; not only can these detract from the final image but the patterns will ultimately go out of fashion and will quickly date your picture. Plain outfits are preferable, and employing a colour theme works really well if having a group shot. Also consider a change of outfit during the session (usually one change can be accommodated with ease) and having some props, such as sunglasses, hats etc to hand will add variety to the final selection of images. An advantage of having the photos taken in your own home is that you have easy access to all of these things.

Should an alternative venue to your home be required, the booking and related charges will be the responsibility of the client.

I am happy to discuss your requirements further if required. I want to be certain that you get the most out of your session.


Session Charges

Session Charge
The session will last about 2 hours for up to 8 people

Additional Charges
Groups in excess of 8, additional charge per additional subject:

Mileage in excess of 50 miles from the Humber Bridge (per mile):



Included in Charge
Included are two digital images of your choice from the session.

Any booking charges and arrangements for an alternative venue will be the responsibility of the client.

Presentation Options


There is a vast assortment of options for the presentation of your chosen images; you could have standard prints, large wall hangings, photo books or even digital images. I deal with one of the Country’s premier colour houses who have a long reputation for delivering quality products. Prices will be dictated by the presentation option chosen and the size; a brief outline of prices is contained here; I will be only too happy to provide a pricing catalogue on request. Whatever size/style of print or wall hanging you require I am sure that I will be able to accommodate you.

Standard Prints
Some print sizes can be provided either unmounted or mounted within self standing cardboard frames, the majority of prints are only available unmounted. The below are the most common sizes, however I can supply a vast range of sizes and so if there is a specific size you require, just ask.

From £4.80
Lager Presentation Options
As well as standard prints I can provide a wide range of high quality contemporary wall hanging options for that extra special presentation, including frames, canvases, block board prints and acrylic finishes. Please contact me for pricing catelogue.


MDF Block Wraps

From £102


From £164

Alumumini Prints

From £94

Digital Images
A personalised CD of images can be created for you from the session for non commercial use. This will contain both high resolution Jpegs, which will enable you to produce your own prints, and also low resolution images that are suitable for screen use, such as tablets, social media, etc. I provide you with the opportunity to acquire images in groups at the following prices:


10 images


20 images


30 Images


40 images


100 images



High Resolution images are sized 4000 pixels on the long edge @ 300 ppi (Pixels per inch)

Low resolution images are sized at 1000 pixels on the long edge @ 76 ppi


Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers to the value of £50 are available; these make ideal gifts and can be redeemed against any of the services offered, for example as payment for a session, for the purchase of prints or even towards wedding photography services. The vouchers cannot re redeemed for cash and must be used as either full or part payment for services at least to the value of the voucher.



Effecttive May 2019  

Commercial and Headshots

Whether it is for corporate use or for a performer's portfolio I am happy to discuss your requirements and to provide you with a suitable quote for your headshots.

Corporate pricing will be dependent on the numbers involved and intended use of the images.

Performers will be provided with images that conform to the requirements for ‘Spotlight’ submissions.

In all case a suitable licence will be provided for the commercial use of the images.

Dance & Stage

Dance photography is a little different from standard portraiture photography, as well as photographic technique and composition to consider, there is also the technical aspects of the dance position to consider and often a shot has to be attempted several times until the client is content that they have got the right position. Because of this, the pace of shooting is a little slower and it is therefore recommended to limit the numbers for each session to enable the best to be achieved from the subject. However, I am happy to quote for longer sessions if needs be.

Because of the movement aspect additional space is required to that of a standard portrait session; I am happy to advise as necessary.

I am fortunate that my wife, a qualified ISTD, RAD dance teacher, will usually assist in these sessions to ensure that the most is obtained from the subject!


Pets are important members of the family, so why leave them out of the photo? By all means include them in a standard portrait session with yourselves, but why not have a session just for them? A pet session will allow us to get the most out of your pet.

Pets, especially dogs, are best seen when they’re running and playing. Therefore a session will usually comprise some outdoor activity, to use up some excess energy, and then some posed shots, either outside or inside.

Because pets are unreliable, it often takes more effort to get the best out of them; therefore it is recommended to restrict the number of pets during a session to about two or three.


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